Cooking Fiorentina, Flavours of holidays ...

Tourists on holiday in Florence should know that, the Florentine cuisine, as indeed that of the entire Tuscan in general, basa on simple ingredients and abundant, resulting in most of local produce. One need only think of the hot cheese, cooked meat and barbecue, wine production, particularly in Chianti and that of extra virgin olive which remains one of the best in the world.

In the case of meat, the most prestigious remains beef Florentine, from which derives the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Unmistakable flavor of the game is also Tuscan: deer, rabbit and wild boar served on a bed of polenta hot or accompanied by tasty soups.
One of the main ingredients of Florentine cuisine is the legume, contours to basis of boiled beans seasoned with oil and delicious soups spelt dishes are on the agenda.

Even bread is much used in cooking, not only stands out for its crispy crust and to be devoid of salt, but once dried, the Tuscan bread can be drawn dishes like panzanella, or is broken in soups.

If you are on vacation in Florence can not sottrarvi to taste these flavors Tuscan using inter alia ingradienti only healthy and wholesome ..... Plus you can accompany everything with a glass of Chianti!