Florence University Press

Firenze University Press (FUP) is the publishing house of the University of Florence.

Born officially on May 15, 2003, launched within the system of Bibliographical 'University, with regard to publishing digitally.

Current president of FUP is the Prof.Giovanni Mari.

The University of Florence has created Firenze University Press, which was subsequently changed into Centro Universitario Editoriale increasing its potential.

The aim of FUP is the production and distribution of content, but also their preservation, thanks to sophisticated electronic archiving.

All the publications of the catalogue of Firenze University Press covers have a paper and digital edition that allows you to take advantage of synergies suggested by the digital revolution.

The aim is to publish and disseminate scientific Italian periodicals using the printed and the Web editions.

The seat of Florence University Press is in Florence, Borgo Albizi 28 -- 50122.

Phone: +39 055 2743051