Holidays in Bagno a Ripoli!

In Bagno a Ripoli tourists can relax themselves between the hills of this small Florentine village.
Bagno a Ripoli is situated between the Valdarno and the Chianti areas, between woods and vineyards in harmony with the ancient Roman villas, churches and monuments.
The name, Bagno a Ripoli is the evidence of the presence, at the time of the ancient Romans, of spas.
Province: Florence

Frazioni: Grassina, Antella, Ponte a Ema, Lappeggi

Genitlic: Bagnesi

Patron: SS. Pietro e Paolo

Day: June 29th

Main Sights

  • Church of Santa Maria a Quarto
  • Tabernacle of Rimaggino
  • Medicean Villa of Lappeggi in Lappeggi
  • Montacuto Villa in Montacuto
  • Il Palagio Villa in Montacuto
  • Santa Fonte Wood
  • Spring of Fata Morgana


The Palio delle Contrade

The palio was established with the aim of remembering the cavalcade of young people in the days of the Pentecost. The four quarters of Bagno a Ripoli, such as Alfiere (bishop), Cavallo (Horse), Mulino (Mill), Torre (Tower), that challenge in several games. At the end of all these games there is a pyrotechnic display.

Antella Fair

During this fair you can visit the market, and you can watch the games and the shows.

The Passion of the Christ

The historical commemoration of the Passion of the Christ during the Holy Friday: the main event is the Via Crucis, but there are also many shows and events such as exhibitions and book presentations.


Sleeping ...

Hotel Carlo Sforza

Via Roma 556 - Bagno a Ripoli - 50012
Phone: +39 055-630499

Villa Olmi Resort

Via degli Olmi 4-8 - Bagno a Ripoli - 50012

Villa Sasso

Via di Belmonte 27 - Bagno a Ripoli - 50011

Bed & Breakfast Amaraschi Villa Peruzzi

Via Peruzzi 152 - Bagno a Ripoli -- 50011
Tel: 055-621737

Food ...

Trattoria di Giogo

Via Chianti, 28 to 50126 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)
Phone: + 39 055 6461311

Restaurant La Gargotta

Route of Viccchio and Paterno, 19 Rimaggio - 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)
Phone: + 39 055 631444

Restaurant Rginetta Margherita

Via del Padule, 25 to 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)
Phone: + 39 055 698045

Osteria From Melo />

198, V. ROSANO 50012
Phone: + 39 0556519000

Restaurant Acqua Cheta

Phone: + 39 055696054

Contact ...

Municipality: 055 63901