On holiday ... visit the Museums of Florence!

The culture, art and all the Florentine artistic heritage is well preserved in the museums of this wonderful city!

House-Museum of Dante

The building was constructed in the early twentieth century, the area between the church of S. Martino and Piazza dei Donati where there was the location of the houses of Dante , as reported in many documents . It is a small museum illustrating the poet's life and work and  in particular the situation between the families of Guelphs and Ghibellines. In addition a video showing the historical illustrations of the Divine Comedy.

Via Santa Margherita 1. Phone: +39 055 219416

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

Some of the most important works that this museum houses are without any doubt the statue of Pope Boniface VIII, the Madonna and Child, Santa Reparata and the St. John the Evangelist, works by Donatello.

The most famous work is the "Pieta" by Michelangelo.

The furnishings too are very interestin, such as the silver altar from the Battistero and the restored panels of the "Gates of Paradise".

Piazza del Duomo 9. Phone: +39 055 2302885

Museum of the History of Science

It houses a series of instruments such as telescopes, maps and other types of objects that testify the evolution of the history of science. Some, like the computer invented by the engineer Samuel Morland. The most characteristic room is Room VIII that houses a series of maps of the world and in particula a huge celestial globe that depicts the solar system with the sun, the moon and planets.

Piazza dé Judges 1. Phone: +39 055 265311

National Museum Nazionale of Bargello

It is also known as the Bargello Palace or Palazzo del Popolo (Palace of the People), a former barracks and prison, now became an art museum, divided into several rooms that house masterpieces by Michelangelo, such as his Bacchus, the Madonna and Child, Brutus and David-Apollo.

The collection includes Donatello's David  and "Marzocco".

The museum houses a beautiful collection of ceramics, ivory, silver and old coins.

Via del Proconsolo 4. Phone: +39 055 2388606

Marino Marini Museum, the former church of San Pancrazio

The church, which stood in the ninth century, is obviously deconsecrated and now is a museum.

It houses more than two hundred works by Marino Marini. Near to the church there is the Rucellai Chapel that houses the tomb of Saint Leon Battista Alberti.

Piazza San Pancrazio. Phone: +39 055219432

Archaeological Museum

It houses one of the richest archaeological collections in Italy. On the first floor is the Egyptian collection, with hieroglyphics, sculptures, sarcophagi and a variety of objects they used.

The other part is dedicated to Etruscan, in particular funeral urns including the sarcophagus of Amazons and the Sarcophagus of Obeso. Another room houses bronzes size depicting the Arringatore, mythological figure, while the corridors houses are rings, pendants and amulets and even Greek ceramics from various eras.

Via della Colonna 38. Phone: +39 055 235750

Museo di San Marco

Once entered the museum you will find immediatly the Cloister of St. Anthony, by Michelozzo.

Then you will find the Ospizio room that houses the paintings of Beato Angelico including the "Deposition of Christ" and "Pala di San Marco." In the Sala del Capitolo there are other works by Fra Angelico including the "Crucifixion".

The real masterpieces of the museum are the frescoes as the "Annunciation" and "Madonna of the Shadows," By Beato Angelico .

Piazza San Marco 1b. Phone: +39 055 2388608

Museum of Natural History

The museum includes: Ethnology and Anthropology, Botany, Geology and Paleontology , Zoology "La Specola" and the Botanical Gardens.

Via the George Pira 4. Phone: +39 055 2757462

Botanical Garden

Also known as Garden dei Semplici, it was the herbarium of the Medici family, because of the medicinal plants they cultivated in ti.

Today is property of the University of Florence and is one of the most beautiful green areas of the city.

Via Pier Antonio Micheli 3. Phone: +39 055 2757402

Horne Museum

Purchased by Herbert Percy Horne, a wealthy English who brought his entire collection of Italian art. The museum houses works by Luca Signorelli and Giambologna, and a large number of works by minor artists.

Via dé Benci 6. Phone: +39 055 244661

Synagogue, Museum of Jewish Art and History

The magnificent architectural style found in the "Sala della Preghiera", decorated with arabesques and arches in Moorish style. The museum hoses many objects of Jewish worship, ancient codes and the history of the Jews who lived in Florence.

Via Luigi Carlo Farini 6. Phone: +39 055 245252

Museum of Zoology and Natural History, "La Specola"

The museum is near Palazzo Pitti, and it is located in the former Palazzo Torrigani.

It houses parts of the collection to the Medici Family, collection of fossils, animals, insects of South America, rhinos, crocodiles, sharks and other marine mammals and skeletons of animals such as whale and elephant.

It is very interesting to visit the collection of wax anatomical models from the 18th century.models size of human bodies.

Via Romana 17. Phone: +39  055 2288251

Stibbert Museum

As a property of Frederik Stibbert, a known art trader, it houses a collection of great value.

In the Sala della Cavalcata there are twelve dummies of horses in lifesize from Turkey, Germany, France and Italy. There is also the cape that Napoleon had on when is proclaimed king of Italy.

Via F. Stibbert 26. Phone: +39 055 475520