Fiorentina Football Club

The Fiorentina Footbal Club was founded on August 26, 1926, The first president, who remained for fifteen years, was The Marquis Luigi Ridolfi, while as a coach was appointed Karoly Csapkay.
At the beginning the colors of the team were white and red.

The of purple was a mistake in washing the mesh of the game, and came out this color that liked the leadership that decided to adopt it as official team color.

The first matches


On 3 October 1926 the team began the championship against the Pisa team winning 3-1. During the championship the Fiorentina won only sixth of the ten matches.


The following year the team was allowed in group D where he earned second place behind the Bari. They were still in two years that saw the disqualification of the team after differences and a subsequent investigation between Fiorentina and the team of Savoy. All ended with the defeat of Fiorentina in Bari, in a crowd of insults and threats to the team.


During these years Fiorentina was admitted in Serie B. As the championship ended with a large number of matches lost, there where many changes in the team. 


In 1929, during the friendly match against Rome, the football players of the team wear for the first time the purple mesh with the insignia that represents the red lily in a white field.
In this first season in Serie B Fiorentina was classified fourth, 40 points total fine.
Squad: Sernagiotto, Magli, Renzo, Sinibaldi, Staccione, Pizziolo, Blacks, Lucchetti, Baton, Baldinotti, Galluzzi, Rivolo.

The club reached Serie A for the first time in 1929.


It was an important year because the team, winning the championship division, was promoted in A. The President Ridolfi resigned from office by agreeing to remain in function of Special Commissioner.
Squad: Ballante, Corbyons, Vignolini, Staccione, Pizziolo I, Blacks, Lucchetti, Baton, Baldinozzi, Galluzzi and Rivolo.

The Series A

The first thing the company did was to change coach: he was named the Austrian Fellsner, the first of Bologna. Then it was the After dell'uruguaiano Pedro Petrone, bought for thirty thousand lire from National. Along with him came the defender Guide Laino of Penarol, which due to a muscle tear not ever began jersey purple. The March 24, 1933 Petrone, after quarrels and misunderstandings with the TQ Fellsner, left the team running away in the night, to return to Urugay.
At this point there was need for a more suitable stage and so, after much discussion, Luigi Ridolfi decided to do it to build Campio of Mars and entrusted the work the architect Pier Luigi Nervi. Inizialmete dedicated to the fallen fascist John Berta, then took the simple name of Town stadium mutarla and then again in what now know as Artemio Franchi stadium, in honor of former President and leader of Fiorentina.
The inauguration took place on September 13, 1931.

The two Scudetti

It was in 1950 that Fiorentina started to achieve top-five finishes in the domestic league. They formed a good team consisting of great players, and in 1955-56 thanks to these good player Fiorentina won the first Italian Championship, called scudetto in Italian. They became the first Italian football club playing the final of the European Cup. In the 1960-61 season Fiorentina won the Coppa Italia and won the first Cup Winners Cup.

The Club won its second scudetto in the 1969-70 season.

80 Years'

In 1980 Fiorentina was bought by Flavio Pontello. During these years they risked series B for two times.
He changed the team's anthem and logo, and he started to bring in high-quality players such as Antonioni, Graziani, Pecci, Bertoni and Massaro and Vierchowod.
Thanks to Antonioni, in 1981, during the last day of the championship Fiorentina and Juventus were on equal points, even if Championship was won by Juventus who won 1-0 at Cagliari.

Fiorentina also bought two players,Ramon Diaz and the young Roberto Baggio.

90 Years'

In 1990 Fiorentina fought to avoid relegation right until the final day of the season, but reached the UEFA Cup. Roberto Baggio was sold to the rival team on the day of the final.

Pontello, suffered economic difficulties, and he began to sell all the players. As the riots in Florence's streets he was forced to leave the club.

The club was acquired by the filmmaker Mario Cecchi Gori. He soon started to buy some good players like Laudrup, Effenberg, Baiano and most of all, Gabriel Batistuta, the authentic symbol of the team for '90s period.

When in 1993 Mario Cecchi Gori died Vittorio, his son, got the management. Vittorio immediatly began to recruit great players as Toldo, Robbiati, Rui Costa, Kancelskis and Church.

Thanks also to the presence of the great Batistuta, the team during the years 93-94, won the championship in B, returning Serie A.

Now Fiorentina aims to strengthen the team and makes other important players: Amoruso, Bigica, Schwarz and Serena. In 1996 the team won the third place behind Milan and Juventus.
In 1997, during the Italian Supercup in San Siro, with a double of Batistuta Fiorentina won 2-1 against MIlan.

In 1998-99 it was the turn of CT Trapattoni, who fought long for the Scudetto. The team had to satisfy the third place, however qualificandosi for champions.

Years 2000

When Vittorio Cecchi Gori began to have insufficient resources to sustain the club Fiorentina were relegated at the end of the 2001-02 season and went into judicially controlled administration. This form of bankruptcy meant that the club was refused a place in Serie B for the 2002-03 season. The club was re-established on 2002 as Associazione Calcio Fiorentina e Florentia Viola  with Diego Della Valle as new owner, and was admitted into Serie C2, the fourth tier of Italian football.

The team, supported by the great Di Livio and Riganò qualify to C1.

In 2003-2004 Fiorentina was readmitted in the championship series B, thanks to Mandonico.

2005 was a year of changes: Corvino as sports director and Prandelli as CT. Squad: Pancaro, Toni, Fiore, Frey, Patience, Montolivo, Brocchi, Di Loreto and Pasqual. In this way the first season was really exceptional with a Toni who managed to collect beautiful 16 goals, which became 31 and then won the title of "Golden Shoe".

Arriva the scandal of Calciopoli and Fiorentina is forced to a penalty of 30 points that are worth the loss of qualification to the Champions and UEFA Cup.

While many people doubted the potential of the team in the 2007–2008 season due to Luca Toni's departure, Fiorentina had a wonderful start to the season and had been tipped by Marcello Lippi.

They reached the semi-final of the UEFA Cup.

The season ended on a high note as Fiorentina defeated Torino 1-0 on the season's final day to secure a UEFA Champions League spot at the expense of AC Milan.

On August 27, 2008, Fiorentina advanced to the group stages of the UEFA Champions League, defeating Slavia Prague 2-0 on aggregate.2007-2008

Purchasing: Balzaretti, Vanden Borre, Daniel Osvaldo, Semioli and Vieri.

In the Cup of 2008 are purchased Manuel da Costa Papa Waigo.