Libraries in Florence

Great centre historic, artistic and cultural but also the scene of one of the oldest universities in Italy, Florence is a city where literature, science and architecture are on the agenda. For this reason, it is rich in libraries where you will find a wide assortment on any field of knowledge.

Some libraries offer various discounts and facilities especially if you are a student university.


Library on three levels, overlooking Piazza della Repubblica, boasts a wide assortment of books and the opportunity to read relaxed in the cafeteria upstairs.

Piazza della Repubblica 27 / r. Tel: 055 213110


Small library just outside the central station.

Square Station 24 / r. Tel: 055 287650


Large and comfortable, with a vast assortment, this library is synonymous with quality and courtesy.

Via dei Martelli 22 / r. Tel: 055 2650673


Vast assortment of rare books and manuscripts rather not easily found.

Via della Vigna New 5 / r. Tel: 055 290805

Feltrinelli International

Famous Italian chain bookstores that boasts a large assortment, including with regard to foreign-language publications.

Way Cavour 12 / r. Tel: 055 219524


Assorimento of maps and travel books.

Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 6 / r. Tel: 055 461074