Discovering the squares of Florence ...

Visitors to Florence knows that the city is famous for its magnificent squares, stage undisputed, for any tourist who is passing this way!

Piazza della Signoria

It is a sort of open air art gallery, as rich with important statues and monuments laden with political messages such as "Fountain of Neptune", the "David" by Michelangelo and the "Marzocco" by Donatello. Given the central square of Florence since the Middle Ages is the seat of the civil power and the political life. And 'here that is Palazzo Vecchio .

Piazza del Duomo

Since the founding of the Roman Florentia, it was the central point of the city. It is believed that the Emperor Constantine, after converstito to Catholicism, he built a small church in this square. With increasing power Florentine square was prograssivamente enhanced, as evidenced by the monuments of Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine. At the center of the square you can admire the magnificent Cathedral , Giotto's bell tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni .

Republic Square

Made after the unification of Italy, after an urban intervention that included the demolition of the Old Market and the Jewish Ghetto. In nineteenth-century-style covers a large area, approximately 75m to 100m and is now the seat of coffee and the most exclusive hotels of Florence. It is located in a pedestrian area, not far from Piazza del Duomo .

Piazza Santa Croce

The home of the Franciscan basilica, has a very large surface that allowed the faithful to gather in hundreds to pray. Interesting because in the sixteenth century. It became the center of celebrations, rides and festive events, but not only, at the time of Savonarola was also the scene of inquisitions. The famous football history , as today, even in the Renaissance was played in the square.

Piazza San Lorenzo

Piazza San Lorenzo is overlooked by the church and the Chapel of the Princes. This square is famous for its bustling market that is held every day.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

A short walk from the station stands the church of the same name. Now home of the Dominican order, is one of the most important churches in Florence, also because over the years has hosted several popes. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth the square has hosted the Palio dei Cocchi, a chariot race that took place around two marble obelisks located above the bronze turtles.

Piazza della Santissima Annunziata

Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is one of the most beautiful squares and stylistically harmonious not only the city, but from all over Italy, perhaps the first example of European urban planning.

Piazza Santo Spirito

And 'one of the busiest squares of' Oltrarno. With markets and stalls, it is also full of restaurants and nightclubs that have made it so it became one of the favorite meeting places by the Florentines.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Created around the nineteenth century it became immediately one of the most scenic places esculsivi of Italy. At the center is a bronze reproduction of Michelangelo's David which dominates Florence, from the square in fact it has a well-defined overview of the city with views of the Arno. Today it is visited daily by thousands of tourists who can take photos or buy postcards comfortably seated in the bar of the Plaza.

Piazza dei Ciompi

Renovated in the 30's' 900 Square takes its name from the wool workers who met secretly in the district of Santa Croce and in 1378 created a dihedral sommosssa to vindicate the rights of workers more humble. Today it houses the flea market and the Loggia del Pesce designed by Vasari on behalf of Cosimo de Medici I.