Holidays in Empoli!

Tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Empoli love without any doubt relaxation, walking in the green and good cooking!
Empoli è una piccola cittadina che si trova nella pianura del Valdarno Inferiore , che i Romani bonificarono al tempo del loro insediamento.
As you go away from the watercourses you meet the hills: Empoli is the classic example of the Tuscan agricultural landscape.

Province: Florence

Frazioni : Marciana, Pagnana, Avane ,Pontorme, Corniola, Monterappoli, Fontanella, Casenuove, Ponte a Elsa, Pozzale, Sant'Andrea, Serravalle, Villanova, Cortenuova Comuni contigui: Capraia e Limite, Castelfiorentino, Cerreto Guidi, Montelupo Fiorentino, Montespertoli, San Miniato (PI), Vinci.

Gentilic : Empolesi

Patron: St. Andrew

Day: November 30th .


From View

Piazza Farinata of Uberti

If you will spend your holidays in Empoli you will probably see this historic square, also known as the Lions Square, due to the four lions placed on the central fountain. Alla piazza si affacciano la Collegiata di Sant'Andrea, il Palazzo Pretorio e il Palazzo Ghibellino. In the square lies some important monuments, such as the Collegiata di Sant'Andrea, the Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo Ghibellino.

Palazzo Pretorio

During the Middle Ages, this ancient palace was the Town Hall where between 1529 and 1530, the commisioner Ferruccio Ferrucci had the seat of its headquarters.
Today the palace houses an auditorium dedicated to Ferruccio Busoni.

Ghibellino  Palace


This is of the palace belonged to the Guidi counts, ancient feudal lords of Empoli. After it belonged to the family of the Pope who restored the structure. Today is very different from its original structure and it houses several exhibitions and activities.

Collegiate Church of St. Andrew

Unfortunately, today is not possible to see the structure's original facade as the church over the years has been restored several times.
Inside you can admire works of art of various artists including the triptych of Lorenzo di Bicci representing the Madonna with Saints Martino, Andrew, Agata and John the Baptist.

San Martino Church

The church, in Romanesque style, hosts significant works of art as the two paintings of John Toscani and a fresco of the fifteenth century attributed to Pier Francesco Fiorentino

St. Michael the Archangel Church

Even this church presents significant traces of Romanesque style. The church houses, on the tabernacle, two famous paintings of Pontorno representing St. John the Evangelist and St. Michael the Archangel.

Visiting Empoli

In Empoli you can enjoy a relaxing tour around the city, between the shops and stores of this small but very nice town.
Once arrived in Piazza Farinata degli Uberti, you can continue your trip in Joseph of the Pope street.
The more traditional tour is in the main square of the city after having crossed other roads that surround the city.
Tourists will have an opportunity to make a complete tour of the city by walking among churches, monuments, shops and bars.

Once visited the city centre, the tourist will have the possibility of making trips on foot or by bicycle between the hills, that offer a beautiful landscape and an enchanting relax!


All Thursday morning, near the Castellani Stadium.


September Fair
It takes place in the parking of Serravalle Park, near the Castellani stadium and the swimming pool. For many years, the Fair has been an amusement park.


Hotel Commercio
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Hotels Tazza D'oro
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Piazza Vittoria 11 - Empoli - 50053
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