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The best Restaurants and Taverns in Florence!

If you want to taste the delicious Florentine and Tuscan cuisine with a good glass of wine, here is a list of the best places you can go!

Acqua Al 2

A friendly and welcoming atmosphere is what you will find in this fine restaurant became famous for its unique taste. Open only for dinner.

Via della Vigna Vecchia 40 Phone: +39 055 284170

Alle Murate

Alle Murate is one of the first places in Florence to experiment the nouvelle cuisine. It tries, however, to balance the creative cuisine with traditional Tuscan techniques and dishes.  This restaurant offers delicious dishes, it is famous for its contours.

Via del Proconsolo 16 Phone: +39 055 240618


In an environment where old wood and classic style dominate, it is a the same time a modern and innovating restaurant. Black and white tables and chairs gives the restaurant a minimal style perfect with the delicate cuisine it proposes.

Via del Proconsolo 29/31 Phone: +39 055 2398762


One of the most famous wineries in the world gave its name to one of the most prestigious restaurants in Florence. Famous for many specialties, do not miss to taste the best meat and visit the renowned winery, synonym with good wine.

Via dé Stores 2-4 Phone: +39 055 284724

Osteria del Gatto e la Volpe

It offers tasty dishes at a moderate price. It proposes Tuscan dishes and pizza.

Via Ghibellina 151 Phone: +39 055 289264

Trattoria di Benvenuto

Here you can enjoy the local cuisine simple but very tasty, with the typical Tuscan flavours, it is the ideal for color you want good food without spending too much. Good steak Florentine. We recommend booking.

Via della Moscow 16 Phone: +39 055 214833

From Il Latini

It offers a particular Tuscan cuisine made of dishes and Florentine steak. It does not accept reservations.

Via dei Palchetti 6 Phone: +39 055 210916

Osteria Cento Poveri

It differs from many restaurants for Florentine cuisine. Can make really tasty dishes from Tuscany between Florence and is very popular. The environment then perfectly suited to the kitchen because it is completely in style.

Via Palazzuolo 31 Phone: +39 055 218846

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi

It proposes a tasty  typical Tuscan cuisine. You can choose fixed menu starting from 13 euros. Possibility of eat in a graceful garden.

Via del Porcelain 9

Il Vinaio

It is a typical restaurant with wooden tables and large portions of pasta dishes.

Via Palazzuolo Phone: +39 055 292287

Trattoria Il Contadino

it is the ideal place if you are looking for a a complete meal at a economical price, in fact it proposes fixed prices and menus.

Via Palazzuolo 71 / R. Phone: +39 055 2382673

Osteria Pepò

It is the typical Tuscan restaurant, where you can taste the specialities of Tuscany with an innovative touch. The level of the  cuisine is good and the restaurant is really welcoming.

Via Rosina 6  Phone: +39 055 283259

Restaurant Zazà

It is located in Central Market, where the chef buy every day fresh products. The menu changes often and every time you will find creative dishes of Tuscany.

Piazza del Mercato 20. Phone: +39 055 215411


The cuisine is tasty and Tuscan. You can eat outside or inside in a very nice, intimate room with dim lights.

Via San Gallo 22 Phone: +39 055 4620016


At lunch the restaurant is filled with tourists but the evening proposes a more intimate atmosphere. It is one of the best restaurant in Florence. The dishes are not many but often vary and have that touch of originality that makes this place unique.

Piazza Santa Croce 25-26 / r. Tel: 055 243640


Specialties of Italian cuisine accompanied by a touch of originality. Ideal also for vegetarians. The decor is vintage, with large wooden furniture and candles for each table.

Via Ghibellina 124 Phone: +39 055 2001098

Osteria dé Benci

Historic inn that offers a limited number of dishes. There are some dishes you always find, the staff is really cordial. The cuisine is typically Florentine. Excellent meat.

Via dè Benci 13 Phone: +39 055 2344923

Restaurant Cibréo

Elegant and refined, this place has an ancient tradition behind it. It proposes Tuscan specialties served with care and originality.

Via Andrea del Verrocchio 8 Phone: +39 055 2341100

Trattoria Cibrèo

It is located next to the luxurious restaurant and is also known as the Cibreino. It does not proposes pasta because pasta is not considered a Florentine specialty. We do not accept reservations and credit cards.

Via dé Macci 122 Phone: +39 055 2341100

La Tripperia di Sergio e Pier Paolo

It is the Florentine restaurant par excellence. It proposes tasty dishes that every day are prepared in different ways and the famous lampredotto at very cheap prices.

Via dé Macci.

Il Guscio

This is one of the restaurants that offers the best Florentine cuisine. Excellent meat or fish every morning arrives fresh from the market of Viareggio. Delightful dishes served in an original way. The staff is welcoming and available.

49 Via dell'Orto. Phone: +39 055 224421

Antica Osteria Mescita San Niccolò

Delicious cuisine, but the choice of dishes is limited. Large wooden tables on which you can not only enjoy the typical Tuscan flavors but also order a good wine, guaranteed by the best labels.

Via San Niccolò 70 Phone: +39 055 2342836

Osteria Santo Spirito

It offers the typical Tuscan flavors to a sophisticated and modern touch, to give life to bring unique and exquisite dishes. The restaurant is located on two floors.

Piazza Santo Spirito 16  Phone: +39 055 2382383

Restaurant Boccofino

Tuscan specialties revisited with an innovative touch. Delightful dishes and tasty wines.

Piazza degli Scarlatti 1 Phone: +39 055 290076

Taverna alla Vecchia Bettola

It is located near Piazza Tasso and is one of the most traditionalist restaurant of Florence. It proposes typical Florentine dishes like pappa al pomodoro or tripe, ideal for those who want to taste the flavors of Tuscany to an economic price.

Viale Pratolini Vasco 3-7. Phone: +39 055 224158

Trattoria Quattro Leoni

The kitchen mainly offers a menu of meat, because the restaurant is known for its typical Tuscan flavors. Intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant has low prices.

Via dei Vellutini 1 Phone: +39 055 218562

Da Ruggero

Simple and comfortable restaurant, synonymous with the Tuscan cuisine prepared with fresh  and genuine products. The menu is written every day on a large blackboard and proposes full meals. Ideal for students and workers.

Via Senese 89 Phone: +39 055 220542

La Capoccina

Attended by a large customer Florentine, the restaurant is famous for its cut of beef served with rocket. In summer you can ash in the graceful garden.

Via San Romano 17 Phone: +39 055 697037

Trattoria Vittoria

One of the few local in Florence where you can taste delicious and authentic dishes of fish. It offers a nice alternative to the typical Florentine cuisine.

Via della Fonderia 52 Phone: +39 055 225657


It proposes the atmosphere of an ancient Tuscan tavern. Typical Florentine cuisine.

Piazza Mino da Fiesole 33. Phone: +39 055 59121