Jewellery in Florence

In terms of gold and watches Florence is really ferratissima. E 'in this city that focuses the largest gold activity that goes on for years now.

The Florentine goldsmith tradition is known in the world today, as evidenced by the fact that thousands of foreigners travelling in the city to buy their jewellery. The area most characteristic is without a doubt Ponte Vecchio on which focus the oldest shops of gold.

Here are some recommendations to buy articles and guaranteed quality!

Enrico Truth

It is one of watchmakers that boasts an ancient tradition in Florence. Assorted new models and original but also antiques.

Via Calzaiuoli dé 122 / r. Tel: 055 287862

Officine Panerai

The shop boasts a prestigious tradition really, just think that was the first to produce watches for divers of the Italian Navy during World War II.

Piazza San Giovanni 16 / r. Tel: 055 215795

The White Cat

Vast assortment of jewelry, white gold, yellow, silver and precious stones at prices which are not excessively high.

Borgo SS. Apostles 12 / r. Tel: 055 282989


This is a name most famous bridge Vecchio. You can buy jewelry made by hand.

Ponte Vecchio 37-39. Tel: 055 282030


Since 1895 the family jewels and Parenti suggests gifts of high quality. The shop was once also attended the high Florentine aristocracy.

Via Tornabuoni dè 93 / r. Tel: 055 214438

Stefano Alinari

It 'a real magician who designs jewelry items as if dipingesse. It gets results really unique.

Via San Zanobbi 24 / r. Tel: 055 284996

Alessandro Dari

Artisan realizes that truly original work. Unique.

Via San Nicholas 115 / r. Tel: 055 244747