The Theatre in Florence

Here is a list of the most important Florentine theatres!

Il teatro delle donne (Theatre of Women)

It is a cultural association that operates since 1991 to promote and develop the theatre and women; in pqrticular, during the last few years, significant and qualified successes were carried out as far as the contemporary drama concern.

The National Center for Women's dramaturgy is a unique place in Italy.

The Centre National dramaturgy of Women has also made some steps regarding the production and the representation of contemporary drama performances.

Theater of Women - National Centre of dramaturgy
Phone/Fax. (+39) 055 8877213-0558876581 email:

Website: / centers / teatrodonne

Teatro della Pergola

The Pergola's Theatre  is perfect to accommodate important productions, the great texts of the greatest authors, the most important actors and directors, without forgetting the contemporary theatre, the more curious works, the more intimate shows.


Phone: (+39) 055/2264353 - Fax 055/245346

Theatre of Rifredi

Before the three-year project "The art of comedy," with lyrics Ruzante, Aretino, Gigli and Pirandello, then the five-year project "Theater and Literature", with transcripts from the theatrical works of Dante, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Manzoni, Leopardi, Pavese and Tomasi di Lampedusa, and then the courageous project "Theater and commitment Civil where, together with a strong and multi initiative against the death penalty, is also produced a spectacle on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "Jerusalem Juliet."

Foltissima the ranks of young actors Tuscan engaged in the production of the company, some of whom have also successfully developed autonomous pathways as authors and directors, as Patrizia De Libero, Marco Sodini, Riccardo Rombi, Francesco Brandi, Daniele Lamuraglia, Massini Stefano and Andrea Bruno Savelli.

Theatre of Rifred Via Vittorio Emanuele, 303 to 50134 Florence

Tel: 055.422.03.61 - fax 055.422.14.53