Visit with us ... the towers of Florence!

During your holidays in Florence, visit the towers of the town and learn more about the history that has characterized the most famous Florentine family!

The Amidei  tower

The tower, that dates the Middle Ages is also called Bigonciola or Bigoncia and belonged to the Amidei family, the continuing clashes with the Buondelmonti family. It is carachterized by the two lion heads in white marble. 

The Angiolieri tower

Situated in the area of Oltrarno, the Angiolieri tower belonged to this family famous for their importance in the politic life of the town.Tourists can visit the tower that today is the seat of the Atheneum Musicale Fiorentino.

Buondelmonti tower

This tower is one of the oldest towers of Florence, characterized by a quadrangular plan. The tower is very high and reflects the original style of the thirteenth century. Tourists who visit the tower will notethe particularities of the windows.

The Cerchi Tower

Between Cerchi and Cimatori streets there is the famous tower, purchased by the Cerchi family in the thirteenth century. Today it is well preserved and in the Loggia dei Cerchi you can can still find two of the coats of arms belonged to the family.

The Donati tower

The tower has a classic quadrangular plan and it is located in one of the most famous Florentine streets, Via del Corso. The Donati family was in conflict with the Cerchi family, for this reason it was necessary to build an alley-bearing, the famous "alley of the scandal", that separate the homes of two families.

The Strozzi tower

Once you reach the historic centre of Florence you must visit the tower belonged to the famous Strozzi family. The plant is quadrangular and the tower, was one of the highest of the city.