Wine in Florence, for the tourist lover of good wine!

Tuscan wine is one of the most famous and appreciated wine in the world. If you come on holiday in Florence you will have the chance to taste the best wines of the area...

Caffé Coquinarius

The menu usually includes several tastings, crostini and second courses mainly of meat. Everything on a wide range of wines.

Via dell'Oche 15 Phone: +39  055 2302153


A well-stocked cellar delight your palate with the best wines tooscani or not.

Via della Conduct 37 Phone: +39  055 2399806

Cantinetta Antinori

It is located right in the palace of the Antinori family and it is an elegant and refined local, which takes its name from this family that dominates the wine scene for many years. It proposes a wide range of quality wines which attracts hundreds of customers each month.

'Square Antinori 3 Phone: +39 055 292234

Enoteca Pinchiorri

This is the  most famous and prestigious restaurant of Florence, the guide Michelein considers it  the best of the city. The environment is luxurious and customer are personalities from the worlds of politics and entertainment. The prices are high, the cuisine is delicate and decorated in a particular style. The staff is friendly, the restaurant is the ideal place for spending an unforgettable evening.

Via Ghibellina 87. Phone: +39 055 242777

Enoteca Fuoriporta

it become one of most prestigious and renowned local of Florence. It offers a wide wine, liquor and whisky list. Excellent first dishes, delicious and well-decorated desserts.

Via Monte to Crosses 10 Phone: +39 055 2342483

Enoteca Pane e Vino

It is a very chic local that proposes delicious Tuscan wines. The restaurant offers the opportunity to dine outdoors.

Piazza di Cart 3 Phone: +39  055 2496956

Enoteca le Volpi e l'Uva

It is located near Ponte Vecchio. It offers a wide range of wines and cheese.

Piazza dé Rossi 1 Phone: +39 055 2398132