Discover with us Arts and the important people of Florence

Tourists that for the first time arrive in Florence will realize that the city is often appealed as the "Cradle of the Renaissance."  After the turbulent events of the Middle Ages, the crisis of the Catholic Church and the black plague, between the fourteenth and sixteenth century Florence gave birth to a new birth of the classical values becoming one of the most important centres culture of the world.

In 1992 UNESCO declared the historic center of Florence Heritage of Humanity.

For tourists visiting Florence just dwell on the staircase of Church of Santa Croce to bump in the statue of Dante, character who gave a turn to literature for Italian excellence. Not to mention the Dome of the Cathedral , Testimony of gifts aristiche Brunelleschi.

From literature to painting, sculpture from all 'architecture, without neglecting the great scientific discoveries, many were the characters who over the years have helped make Florence a unique cultural heritage. Characters that we will never forget, proponents of ideas that still have not found equal and who continue in every way to influence Expressions of thought and art of our day.

For tourists visiting Florence will be interesting to find out more about some of the characters that made the city one of the most important worldwide!

Dante Alighieri

He was born in Florence in May 1265 from a family of low-middle class belonging to the party of the Guelphs. In 1285 he married Gemma of Manetto Donati and had three children.
In its youth was a poet of Stilnovo and had inter alia many friends coming after school poetic, the first among all Guido Cavalcanti, who also addressed often in his writings.
After the death of Beatrice, a great love of Dante, began to study in depth philosophy and theology.
Because of harsh internal struggles between the Guelphs whites and blacks Guelphs, Dante adopted very tough political decisions, which won the death sentence. From this moment on, Dante girovagò among many Italian courts without ever switch back to Florence.
He died in Ravenna in 1321.Tante works written by the great poet, the first among all the Divine Comedy his masterpiece, which had the objective of preaching the need for a renewal for all to prepare all'aldilà and ascend to Heaven , Save for eternity.

Filippo Brunelleschi

He was born in Florence in 1377. In 1401 participated and lost against Ghiberti, the famous design competition for the bronze doors of the Baptistery in Florence. Then went all 'architecture and in 1418 received the committee of running the dome of the cathedral, a great novelty both artistic than technical. In other buildings in Florence, the Church of San Lorenzo Medici and Ospendale degli Innocenti, Brunelleschi adopted an austere style and geometric inspired by the Rome old.
Together with painter Masaccio, he was one of the early Renaissance masters to rediscover the laws of perspective scientifica.Brunelleschi died in Florence in 1446.

Leonardo da Vinci

He was born April 15, 1452 in Vinci, just outside Florence, illegitimate son of a notary for 25 years, Ser Piero and a peasant, Caterina.Crescendo in Vinci, Leonardo had access to school textbooks and was also exposed to pictorial tradition of old Vinci and the date when took almost 15 years,
entered the service of the Duke of Milan where he spent seventeen years, which reached new achievements in scientific and artistic successes, drawing, scolpendo and planning elaborate celebrations court and designing weapons. After the 1503 Leonardo began work on "Mona Lisa".
From 1513 to 1516 he worked in Rome.
Despite the paralysis of his right hand, Leonardo was still able to draw and teach.
He died on 2 May of 1519 at Cloux in France.