Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova in Florence

It was founded in 1288 by Folco Portinari, the father of the famous Beatrice sung and loved by Dante. Over the years this structure became one of the most important of Florence and managed to get rich thanks to the many donations of lords most illustrious and churches.

The hospital was also rich in terms of artistic, in fact retained several works that now, for the most part, exhibited in museums in Florence. Over the years it has undergone several changes and restorations such as in 1420, when Bicci Lorenzo added the cloister of Medicherie, are still visible where the terracotta John della Robbia and Michelozzo.

The sixteenth century saw important works of restoration as the great arcade by Bernardo Buontalenti, which still lies at the main entrance. Even in the halls of the hospital is representation retain paintings and frescoes of important artists like Andrea del Castagno, Bicci di Lorenzo and Francesco Brina.

Piazza S. Maria Nuova, 1 to 50123 Florence