Gyms in Florence

List of all gyms, fitness, squash, yoga and other activities, on Florence!


FIT VILLAGE STUDIO, located in the center of Florence a few steps from the Railway Station and FIT VILLAGE TRIBU 'next to the hospital Careggi, offer a wide range of activities, from traditional paths FITNESS (step, aerobics, body building) to WELLBEING PATHS targeted to psychophysical balance (pilates, yoga energy), and refresher courses and TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS OF FITNESS.

"Fun training and the goal that our team wants to achieve for you, never neglect your own needs.
Our small center will accompany you by the hand the path of your well-being, where you'll find the right attention to fit and feel pampered. "

Fit Village

  • Way Giulio Caccini 13 Florence
    Phone 0554360479
  • Via Il Prato 40 Florence R
    Phone 0552382138

Squash Center Florence

Via Empoli, 16
50142 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.7323055

Klab Wellness Center

Via Dei Conti 7
50123 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.213514

01 The Policentro

V. Caboto, 30
50127 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.430275

Body's Gym

7/9/11, VL Bruni
50126 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.688117

Play Gym Off Srl

V. Cattani, 172
50145 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.301294


49 / R, V. Palazzuolo
50123 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.293308


V. Romito, 44
50134 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.486016

Yoga Center Of Marcella Ferri

V. Bardi, 5
50125 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.2342703


8 / D - R, V. Del Romito
50100 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.470924

AS Olimpus Club

Via Di Ripoli, 88
50126 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.689618

AS Antares

Via Cavour Camillo Benso, 106
50129 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.571033

Agora 'Snc Di Nanni E Squad

27 / A, Via Delle Porte Nuove
50144 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.354836


Via Giuseppe Manfredi, 18
50136 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.691623

Blue Fitness Gym

40 / R, Via Il Prato
50100 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.2382138

Body Beauty And The Gym

Via Di Duccio Buoninsegna
50143 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.717000

Body Line AS

Via Dello Steccuto, 5 / R
50100 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.4222629

SNC Family Fitness Gym

Sernesi Via Raffaello, 73
50142 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.704049 - fax:

Hollywood Ferruccio Di Pacini

Viuzzo Of Lame, 11
50126 Firenze (FI)
tel: 055.6800007

Gym Maxisport

132 / A, Via Di Scandicci
50143 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.702477

Samurai Karate Club gym 'Full Contact

Via Arcangelo Corelli, 49
50127 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.416607

Stadium Gym

Marathon Avenue, 6
50137 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.572398

Savasana Sporting Club

Via Delle Porte Nuove, 23
50144 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055.333230