Fiesole, the ideal town for your holiday!

Fiesole offers a magnificent view of Florence; this town is perfect for relax thanks to the silence of its hills, or for pleasant walks as well as more trekking and mountain bike rides.

Fiesole is relaxation, culture, history, good food and everything you need to spend a beautiful holiday!

Fiesole is 8 km far from Florence, and it is situated on a group of hills that overlook the Mugnone and the Arno valleys.

Its population is 14.200 and it has always been considered one of the favourite destinations for tourists and Florentines too because of climate, most ventilated and cooler than Florence. Besides, there are several green spaces and there are many historical and cultural sites of interest.

Region: Tuscany

Province: FlorencePopulation: about 14,200Frazioni: Fiesole, Pian del Mugnone, Caldine, Pian di San Bartolo, Campiobbi, Girone, Ellera, San Domenico. Gentilic: Fiesolani
Patron: San Romolo
Day: July 6


Fiesole is even more ancient than Florence, in fact the first settlements dating to the Bronze Age.

The Etruscans lived in Fiesole for five centuries. Then the town was conquered by the Romans, and in the 12th century the Florentis decided to conquer Fiesole and finally make a satellite location.

Since then, became the favourite destination of the rich Florentines, such as the Medici family, in particular during the warmer periods.

Nel corso della storia tanti sono stati poi i personaggi che scelsero di abitare a Fiesole come ad esempio Boccaccio, Proust, Stein o Frank Lloyd Wright, i quali non solo apprezzavano lo splendido panorama su Firenze, ma anche il paesaggio stesso a tratti bucolico e rilassante.

Throughout history many important persons decided to live in Fiesole such as Boccaccio, Proust, Stein or Frank Lloyd Wright: they appreciated and loved the splendid view of Florence, but also the landscape itself, sometimes bucolic and relaxing .

Main sights

Etruscan walls

Walls were the only system to defend the city.

At the beginning, during the Etruscan period, walls were about 2 km long, then with the arrival of the Romans they were expanded and resisted until the city was conquered by Florence in 1125.

Even if the walls were destroyed, there are some remnants well preserved which are still visible inside the Archaeology Area, where there are also some remnants of the Temple and spa.

Cathedral of Fiesole

At the beginning the Cathedral had a medieval structure, then it was modified in the 19th century.
Inside the Cathedral you can admire the statue of San Romolo terracotta, a realization of Giovanni della Robbia.

Convent of San Domenico

It was founded around 1400 by John Dominici and the bishop of Fiesole Jacopo Altoviti, brothers of Santa Maria Novella.

In the convent also lived Beato Angelico: he created many works that even today are stored in this beautiful convent.

Inside you can admire, the works of Beato Angelico, and the paintings of Lorenzo Gredi, Antonio Sogliani and a wooden crucifix created by San Antonio Gallo il Vecchio.

Convent of St. Francis

Built in 1399, the convent was enlarged around 1400.
In 1905 Giuseppe Castellucci did restoration works.
Inside you can admire the works by Piero di Cosimo, Raffaellino del Garbo, Cenni di Francesco and Neri da Bicci.

Bandini Museum

The collection of paintings includes works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
A prestigious collection from the Della Robbia Family.

Via Duprè 1. P: 055 59477

Museum Prime Counts

The museum is situated near Piazza Mino da Fiesole Place. It contains the drawings by the Florentine artist Primo Conti.

Archaeological Site

In this area is preserved the Roman theatre of the first century BC, the Roman Baths and the Etruscan temple.
There is also a small archaeological museum, the Aquarium Costantini Museum: it houses Etruscan tombstones and Greek pottery.

Via Portigiani 1. Phone: 055 59477

Villa Medici

Also known as "Il Palagio", today this private villa is closed to the public access.

Villa Albizi

Built in 1772 by the architect of Red Zenobius, the villa housed the Academy of Generous. In the small theater of the villa were represented works of Brocchi and Lorenzo Cipriani.

Fonte Lucente

Also known as Villa Peyron, Fonte Lucente is surrounded by a large park called Bosco di Fonte Lucente. It was built on Etruscan ruins. Today you can visit the villa, the magnificent gardens and the beautiful statues.


Mino da Fiesole (sculptor), Giorgio albertazzi, Cesara Buonamici, Umberto Betti, (cardinal

Eating in Fiesole


"Antico Girone" Via Girone 36-38 Tel: 055 690830Trattorias

"Artegaia" Via Faentina 1, Ponte alla Badia. Tel: 055 5978498

"Aurora" Piazza Mino, 39/a Tel: 055 599020

"Dino" Via Faentina, 329 – Olmo Tel: 055 548932

"Fattoria di Maiano" Via B. da Maiano, 11 Tel: 055 599600

"India" Via Gramsci, 43 Tel: 055 599900 /055 59258

"I’Polpa" Piazza Mino, 21/22 Tel: 055 59485

"La Panacea" Via dei Bosconi, 58/a – Olmo Tel: 055 548972/3

"Le Lance" Via G. Mantellini, 2/b Tel: 055 599595

"Mario alla Querciola" Via Faentina, 428 – Caldine Tel: 055 540024

"Perseus" Piazza Mino 9r. Tel: 055 59143

"Reggia degli Etruschi" Via S. Francesco, 18 Tel: 055 59385

"Villa San Michele" Via Doccia, 4 Tel: 055 5678200


"Casa del Prosciutto" Via Bosconi, 58 - Tower Buiano Tel: 055 548830

"Cave of Maiano" Via Cave of Maiano, 16 - Maiano Tel: 055 59133 />

"Graziella" Via Cave of Maiano, 20 - Maiano Tel: 055 599963 

"Tremoto" Via Bolognese, 16-P. S. Bartolo Tel: 055 401108

"Vinandro" Piazza Mino, 33 - Fiesole Tel: 055 59121


"Pizzeria Dino"
Via Faentina, 329 – Olmo Phone: 055 548932

"Pizzeria Etrusca"
Piazza Mino, 2 – Fiesole Phone: 055 599484

"Pizzeria Le Lance"
Via G. Mantellini, 2B – Fiesole Phone: 055-599595 


Hotel Villa Aurora

24 rooms and suites with every kind of service.
Cocktail service, small meetings and conferences, restaurant and bar with a beautiful view of Florence. Garden, efficient public transportation with downtown and the train station.

In the restaurant you can taste the famous tuscan and a wide choice of wines.

Piazza Mino 39. Piazza Mino 39. Phone: 800980613

Hotel Villa Bosconi

All the comfortable bedrooms are extremely bright, equipped with shower or bath, Tv with pre-selected satellite channels, mini-bar, telephone Internet link, air conditioning.

Via Ferruci 51. Phone: 055 59578

Villa le Scalette

Situated on the hills of Fiesole, immersed in a wonderful landscape only 2 km far from Florence, it is perfect for those who want to relax.

It offers every comfort and an available and qualified staff.

Via delle Cannelle 1. Phone: 055 5978484

Country House Montereggi

It is situated in a quiet, green area 5 km far from Fiesole.
It offers stays in rooms or, for longer periods, you can can book apartments.

TV, shower, heating and linen, swimming pool.

Via Santa Maria Maddalena 1. Phone: 055 540014

Useful/Emergency numbers

Via Portigiani, 3 / 5 - 50014 Fiesole (FI)
Phone: 055 598720 - 055 5978373

Via Portigiani, 3 - 50014 Fiesole (FI)
Phone: 055 599478

Mino da Fiesole Square 37. Phone: 055 598720


SATURDAY MORNING: Fiesole, Piazza del Mercato

MONDAY MORNING: Caldine, Piazza della Vittoria

TUESDAY MORNING: Compiobbi, Piazza Falcone and Borsellino

THURSDAY MORNING: Pian del Mugnone, Piazza della Repubblica

FRIDAY MORNING: S. Pertini Square


The Fierucola, 1st Sunday of April in Piazza del Mercato

Flowers Fair, 4th Sunday of May in Garibaldi Square

Fierucola della Repubblica, June 2nd  in Piazza del Mercato

Fiera di San Romolo, on 6 July in Piazza del Mercato

Caldine Fair, 2nd Thursday of July,Via della Stazione

Fair of St. Francis, 1st Sunday of October

La Fierucola the last Sunday before Christmas, in Piazza del Mercato

Emergency numbers


 (Presidio di Camerata)
Phone: 055 5001664

FIRST AID STATION- Presidium of Camerata
path of Pitch, 68 - Florence (FI)
Phone: 055 2758568

AZIENDA SANITARIA LOCALE - Presidium of Compiobbi
route of Romena, 58 - Compiobbi, Fiesole (FI)
Phone: 055 6593787


Police Rifredi-Peretola
Viale Gori - 50127 Florence (FI)
Phone: 055 32381


Carabinieri station
50014 Fiesole (FI) - Via Antonio Gramsci, 20
tel.: 055.59136


50132 Florence (FI) - Via Giuseppe Farina, 28
Phone : 05524901


Call Center for Information: 800 055055
Requests for action: 055 3283333
Emergencies: 055 3285
Switchboard (calls for individuals or offices): 055 32831

Piazza Garibaldi, 35 to 50014 Fiesole (FI)
tel.: 055-597177