Pubs, Music Bar in Florence

On holiday in Florence did not give up the taste of a good pub and drink the best cocktail bar in town!


The proposal of the restaurant is really interesting and quality, the house specialties are the various boards and assorted meat from Argentina! The pizza is remarkably good! Also be considered after dinner where artists and DJs take turns to entertain guests and for tourists holiday in Florence until late at night to dance and listen to the best international and Latin music.

Via del Romito 1g / r Tel: 055474948

Astor Cafe

The tourist who is near the Duomo, you can enjoy delicious breakfast at this delightful cafe that night became a favorite of night owls who throng the place every night to drink and listen to music.

Piazza del Duomo 5 / r. Tel: 055 2399000

Betty Boop

You will no doubt attracted by the unusual pink sign indicates that this small bar where you can taste cocktails and listening to music until late at night without having to enter by force in a nightclub.

Via Taddea 13. Tel: 055 213352

Cafe de Paris

Modern, which comes alive particularly during the summer evening aperitif, which lasts until about 22:00.

Square Dalmatian 7 / r Tel: 055 4220505

Caffè la Torre

Modern, well furnished and offers tasty appetizers and drinks. The restaurant also features an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy music by the small hours. Always very crowded with a young clientele.

Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini 65 / r Tel: 055 680643


Very crowded with tourists is the local Florentine beloved by customers that every night he goes nelo local drink and listen to music, even live, with various DJs.

Lungarno Corsini 12 / r Tel: 055 293258

Cluricane Pubs

Cozy place with soft lighting in the pub you can drink good beer especially Guinness and Kilkenny comfortably seated in the outdoor seating.

Piazza Oil 2. Tel: 055 284509


Brash American style place, frequented mainly by young students and tourists who like to drink at a reduced price. On Friday evenings often can caters various events.

Piazza del Mercato Centrale 44 / r Tel: 055 2399161


Small local bar with the Florentines call small kitchen, proposing and appetizers with a delicious buffet. Ideal for drinks on Sunday evening.

Viale Filippo Strozzi 28/ab Tel: 055 475902

James Joyce

Classic Irish-style pub, every night draws tourists and lovers of good beer. It offers snacks.

Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini 1 / r Tel: 055 6580856

Kikuia Pubs

Invokes a foreign clientele, offers tasty drinks accompanied by live music.

Via de 'Benci 43 / r Tel: 055 2344879

La Dolce Vita

Local modern style furnishings, offers drinks most every night one of the town. Relaxed and frequented by a high-class clientele, always careful to look.

Piazza del Carmine 6 / r Tel: 055 284595


But rather small club frequented by tourists and foreign students. Beer, cocktails and live music.

Via Porta Rossa 1. Tel: 055 212249


An elegant bar, which often sets the atmosphere for art exhibitions, attended by all those who love originality.

Via Dante Alighieri 16 / r Tel: 055 2381290


A cool place, always crowded with customers rather young. It offers internet service and a tasty drink every evening enhanced by pleasing appetizers.

Via dé Benci 23 / r Tel: 055 2479738


This is one of the most popular bars in town that takes its name from the cocktail. Here is pouring every evening a sophisticated clientele who spends the evening drinking and listening to music until late at night.

Via dei Renai 17 / r Tel: 055 243647

Rex Cafe

The clientele varies from the most often young people, the tourists up to students. Tasty appetizers and live music.

Via Fiesolana 25 / r Tel: 055 2480331


Spanish atmosphere, cocktails, tapas and Latin American music by focusing on the Latino community of Florence.

Via Ghibellina 80 / r Tel: 055 2345452


Accurate score in a modern and welcoming environment that offers relaxing aperitif-style Buddha Bar

Via Porta Rossa 63 / r Tel: 055 2645354


A former cinema which has now been converted into a restaurant, while in the central part of the ground floor there is a cocktail bar. During the aperitif vengo9no proposals, on the giant screen, screenings of old movies.

Via Pisana 77 / r Tel: 055 221122


Relaxed atmosphere, turning mostly to a gay clientele.

Via de 'Macci 8 / r. Tel: 055 2469022